Fashion Fridays: The Fun Conservative


“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix

it in their own way.

That, to me, is what is modern.”

-Karl Lagerfeld


One of my favorite things about thrifting is picking out the best, and worst, of yesterday’s fashion. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking like an extra from an 80s sitcom, if that’s your style, it definitely isn’t mine LOL! I have broader shoulders naturally and can only dream of rocking those kinds of shoulder pads. I try to modernize vintage pieces and mix them with newer styles when possible, or make them more fun somehow.

Anyways, I’m a bit of a conservative and have a bit of a hard time finding clothes at popular retail stores are conservative, but A) are well-made, B) aren’t “too” conservative, and C) are still affordable. My general style is somewhere after the traditional 9-5, but before the raunchy “ladies get in free before 11” line. Maybe Happy Hour? OK. I have a Happy Hour style, we’ll go with that.

Here’s 3 different looks from the past week from three separate occasions. They’re a fun twist on conservative, and I definitely enjoyed pulling these pieces from the back of my wardrobe.


I am a make-up junkie, and fully believe that cosmetics are an accessory to any outfit. I’ve been dealing with painful eye allergies that have prevented me from wearing eye makeup, but I have over 50 lipsticks- I’ll find a way to add color to my face somehow. Enter this blue lippie, “Jet Set” Lip Suede by NYX.


With such a bold lip, I wanted to wear a neutral and understated palette as far as clothes go. I paired it with this bone-colored Love Culture top that I dug out of a bin at the Goodwill Outlet (it was probably about 75 cents), this black hat with brown leather trim I grabbed on clearance on base for $6, and a pair of brown Nine West boots I found at my local CHKD Thrift for $5! Definitely one of my favorite recent thrift finds!


                I wore it with a pair of black jeggings from Goodwill ($3.50), a random bracelet I’ve had for a while, and this awesome necklace that belonged to my mom. Approx price of outfit: $15.25


I had to do the obligatory pink thing for Valentine’s Day, even though I didn’t celebrate it this year besides going to an open-mic (which I wore all black to, lol). I found this hot pink midi-length pencil skirt in a bin at the Goodwill Outlet for estimated $1, along with this pastel pink blouse for about 75 cents. I threw a grey wool Calvin Klein coat on that I scored for $14 at Goodwill. Fun fact: I discovered used tissues in the pocket when I went to clean it. Eww, but totally worth it.


                I wore it with the $8 Christian Siriano pumps from last week’s post, a turquoise scarf (I wanna say it was on clearance for $2 at Walmart) to balance the bold and pastel, and a necklace and bracelet from my mom. My make-up was very subdued with the look, opting to ditch the lipstick altogether. Approximate cost of outfit: $25.75

Finally, the outfit I’m wearing today! I love this sweater so much. The fabric feels like a microfiber dish towel, which is strangely comforting. It’s super thick, so I’ll say it had to be about $2 at the Goodwill Outlet. I wore it with this black Lane Bryant blazer from CHKD Thrift that I got for about $5, and some leopard print booties from the Goodwill Outlet also for $5.


                I wore it with these dark washed American Eagle jeggings via a Goodwill retail outlet for $7, some old bracelets I found lying around, my mom’s old necklace, a free pin I picked up on campus when I was in college, and a $7 wallet I got on clearance from Charming Charlie. Approximate cost of outfit: $26.

I had a lot of fun with my outfits this week and look forward to digging through my wardrobe again for next week’s post! Off to Happy Hour!


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