Two Pumps of Mocha, Please.

If skin was coffee, in all of its variety

 Would you still think that mine wasn’t as sweet?

I wouldn’t be the traditional French vanilla latte.

A warm café au lait, or a caramel frappe.

I have two extra pumps of mocha in my cup

All robust and rich, just savory enough.

I wouldn’t be bitter, I wouldn’t be strong

Would I finally be palatable to your tongue?

I’m no exotic blend or special blonde roast

But my coffee is good– not trying to boast.

I have a little less milk, a little less cream

I’m a little more bold, but delectably sweet.

A velvety smooth and chocolatey flavor

How am I not something you’re able to savor?

If only I could compare coffee to complexion

My dark roasted mocha would be next to perfection.


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