Fashion Fridays: White Washed

It’s HOT, y’all. I just don’t get it. I don’t know if I’ve ever sweat in February.


Anyways, one of the most versatile colors in a wardrobe isn’t technically a color. Yes, I’m talking about the thing that Pintrest decorating themes and H&M store display orgasms are made of: that glorious shade of white in all of its variations.

This week in my thrifty fashion series, I tried out three different types of white for three different occasions: a classic bright white for a business casual look, a cream for a party style, and a golden white mix for a casual appearance.  As always, I’m no fashionista: I’m just a hoarder and a thrifter having fun!


Look One


I had this super cute, pain in the neck shirt that buttons all the way down the back that I dug out a bin at a Goodwill Outlet maybe a year or so ago. If you’ve never been to one of those before, basically everything is priced per pound- I believe clothes are $1.21/pound? Anyways, I usually get about 10 things on every visit and never break $8 unless I buy a bunch of heavy coats.

With that being said, this lightweight tank was probably all of 50 cents, if that. The skirt was $1.98 at my local DAV Thrift Store (support veterans!), and my necklace was $3 at this random local thrift store I don’t go to enough. The brown leather tote I dug out of my grandma’s house (LOL! Seriously- she hoards even more than me!) and I paired my outfit with an old pair of cognac oxfords for a comfortable style!

img_4503Approximate Cost: Minus the shoes because I don’t know, $5.50!


Look Two


“It’s handled,” in my Olivia Pope voice. Seriously, I love this jacket. Another one of my recent Goodwill Outlet finds, this perfect condition cream Liz Claiborne coat. I was so in love with it. I have broader shoulders, a huge bust, and bigger arms, and I couldn’t imagine having to put it back in the bin if it didn’t fit. Alas, I slipped one arm in… and then the other. And then I zipped it up. OHHHHH YEAAAH!

Also from the Outlet came this fuchsia New York and Company dress that I love. The earrings I got from H&M on clearance for $1. I always stock up on clearance costume jewelry at H&M because I lose it every two months smh. The bracelet was from my mom, and the shoes were $15 on sale from Payless, but I’ve had them for years and they’ve held up really well with me replacing the heel caps a couple of times. I got this black authentic leather Liz Claiborne pouch for $5 on Ebay a few years ago also. I really loved this look.


And best part: It was only about $23 total.


Look Three


Also from the Goodwill Outlet came these two items: this thick white/cream/gold Worthington sweater and this chocolate, deep-v Ralph Lauren long sleeve top. I find good stuff in there, I’m trying to put you guys on! Anyways, I wanted to be comfortable, so I paired it with these dark washed American Eagle jeggings that I got at a regular retail Goodwill for $7, and again, some open toe booties I’ve had for years.

I love long necklaces with deep cut tops, and I found this particular necklace on clearance at Tilly’s last summer for like $2. I had never been in that store before then, and I’ve never been back since honestly because I don’t shop at the mall too much. But still, good to know they have good clearance sales!


Approximate Cost: We’ll say $13 for everything not including the shoes

Thanks as always for reading! I look forward to trying out a different fashion theme next week and I’m open to theme suggestions too!


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