To Be Loved In Return: An Ode to Black Men

What does who you love have to do with you hating me? Call me out my name for laughs, and air my insecurities Exploit my loyalty But treat my body, my life like property? Negro, please. You disrespect me and still expect me to catch you when you fall But I won't be the one …


The Fast Five: Reasons to Get Out of Bed Tomorrow

1. You have a purpose. 2. There is a new opportunity tomorrow (and the day after that, btw.) 3. The world is much bigger than the overcrowded confines of your mind. 4. You need to discover something that you would die for, then 5. You need to keep living for it.


“I don’t know a single black girl who’s carefree because it ain’t easy being a girl of color, period. God, I wish we were carefree. A lot of political things would have to dramatically change in this planet for a woman of color to be carefree.” -Cree Summer, Interview   I found myself binge …