The Realities of Being Magical: Part III

Trigger Warning: This is a blog post detailing my personal experience and thoughts regarding sexual violence. Some of the content may be upsetting to readers, but it’s my right to be able to finally speak truthfully about my story. I ask that you respect that, and feel safe to share your own stories and thoughts about today’s topic.

The Realities of Being Magical: Part II

You don’t get a say over how you came into this world, and the circumstances you were born into. Arguably, that’s what makes the topic of family and kinship so contemptable for many people: you’re forced into a relationship, for better or worse, for a large part of your life. Even if you move away, change your name, change your phone number, and cease communication, you can’t escape your family and the impact they’ve had in defining you completely… Trust me, I’ve tried. *wink*