Gridiron(y): Free Speech and Football’s unfortunate that Black Americans and people who support our causes are told to force assimilation, shut up, and just “run the ball.”


The Fast Five: Reasons to Get Out of Bed Tomorrow

1. You have a purpose. 2. There is a new opportunity tomorrow (and the day after that, btw.) 3. The world is much bigger than the overcrowded confines of your mind. 4. You need to discover something that you would die for, then 5. You need to keep living for it.


“I don’t know a single black girl who’s carefree because it ain’t easy being a girl of color, period. God, I wish we were carefree. A lot of political things would have to dramatically change in this planet for a woman of color to be carefree.” -Cree Summer, Interview   I found myself binge …

Fashion Fridays: White Washed

Anyways, one of the most versatile colors in a wardrobe isn’t technically a color. Yes, I’m talking about the thing that Pintrest decorating themes and H&M store display orgasms are made of: that glorious shade of white in all of its variations.

The Introvert Goes Out (Alone!)

While dance clubs and other heavily social or uncoordinated activities are still way too far out of my comfort zone, I go a lot of places. And I usually go alone. I know! Possibly the only thing more threatening as an introvert than having to go out and be around people, is having to go out and be surrounded by strangers.